About Nalanda

We are a group founded for the preservation of Nalanda history, culture and buddhist practice in the West.  Our Nalanda Buddist Group started in Connecticut and has grown to include members from New York and Massachusetts as well, though we still host most of our activities and events in CT.

The ruins of Nalanda represent the cosmic mysteries that we must search out and reconnect with, often without some clearly written “guide”.  As Nalanda was once a great university and center of knowledge, we know that it is through commitment and constant practice of meditation and study that we can rediscover the truths once taught to students of that center.

Our blog will try to introduce the interested to the area of Nalanda, its connection to the Buddha, and thoughts about meditation practice, and any tips for Westerners to not feel so alien to this path.  Most of us started later in life so we can relate to the “learning curve” that sometimes comes with the territory.

– Connie

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