In the new world, heat preservation is particularly important, and the use of aluminium facades on the exterior wall not only conforms to the development trend of the country’s low-carbon days, but is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and its installation function is beautiful and generous. Many high-end improvements favour this new-style decoration material.

The outer wall of an aluminium fa├žade is concocted from the aluminium plate, which has the advantage of good manufacturability. By adopting the process of first processing and then painting, the aluminium plate can be processed into various complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc, and spherical surface to meet the needs of architectural decoration design.

The aluminium has advantages

The aluminium exterior wall installation is convenient and quick. It is also lightweight, good rigidity, high strength and high tensile strength. The material aluminium is first to the site to measure the size, through the deepening of the construction drawings, decomposed into processed parts drawings, and then processed in the factory to shape; the construction site does not need to be cut, only need to be fixed on the skeleton according to the drawings.

The exterior wall of aluminium can be treated with a variety of surface treatments, with uniform coating and diverse colours. Considerably enriching the decorative effect of the building. 

Aluminium verus Zinc Building Facade Timber Look Cladding Zinc facades have low operating costs

For decades, the zinc facade won’t need repairing, corrosion protection, or painting. It is worth considering several significant installation features that cannot be neglected to obtain a high-quality and durable facade. First of all, installation can only be trusted by highly qualified specialists who have experience in working with this material. It is necessary to use a special tool that does not have sharp edges – scissors, hammers, mallets, pliers intended for processing zinc facades.

Click-on battens such as aluminium timber look cladding has many benefits of good durability and corrosion resistance. The aluminium plate itself has strong anti-corrosion, and then through high-temperature baking paint, a film of paint with higher corrosion resistance is sprayed on the surface, which can keep the colour for 20 to 30 years.

Zinc facades as a finishing material are gaining more and more popularity among designers and architects, it is widely used in the construction of commercial, administrative and high-class residential buildings. Zinc facades are increasingly in demand all over the world. It has a noble blue-grey shade, a matte surface, an ideal combination with other materials – glass, stone, concrete.

Ventilated facades made of titanium zinc – is a high level of prestige buildings, perfect e noble colour, and clean lines. But the main thing is the incomparable reliability and durability (up to 150 years of operation), as well as the perfect quality of protection, which is provided by the titanium zinc ventilation facade for the walls of the building. The patina, which naturally covers the alloy during operation or is artificially created at the factory, is the best anti-corrosion protection.

The main requirements for facing metal materials for a ventilation facade are aesthetics, durability, and a high level of protection against corrosion processes. Zinc titanium, like no other material, meets these requirements. It combines the necessary rigidity, ductility, and sophistication in optimal proportions. Zinc facades are a particularly light material, which is also a significant advantage of choosing a zinc front facade.