Home is always the most precious asset for anyone, so one has to be extremely careful when choosing a new home. Home is a place where you come back to after a tiring day of work. It’s a place where you want to make your most cherished memories and a place where you should always feel like coming back to even after staying in most luxurious hotels during your holiday. Home is where you want to build a family, raise your children and where you want to grow old with your partner. ‘Home Sweet Home’ is what everyone likes to call their home and whichever home you choose should become your ‘sweet home’.

Follow the steps below when you choose your home to get you the perfect home for you.

Early discussion and research

You need to discuss with your family about what kind of house will suit everyone and the neighbourhood where you want to buy your home. Things to consider might be how many bedrooms and the size of each room, whether you want a beautiful timber beam outdoor area, a huge kitchen and the preferences go on. You should keep an idea about it before you start researching different websites, real estate listings in newspapers and magazines. This will also give you an idea about the pricing for homes in different areas. Weigh up the difference between purchasing a house, or a house-and-land package.

Budget for your home

Even though you will have a rough idea on how much you want to spend for your home, after doing initial research about the house costs for different areas, you will be able to figure out a better idea about how much you would have to spend to get your dream home. Do you want to buy a house or would you prefer to build a new house to your own specifications?

Getting money for your home

It is most likely not possible for you to finance your home entirely on your own and you would need to get loans from banks for a certain amount. Depending on how much you want to spend from your savings, you would need to figure out the loan amount. Approach the bank and figure out the paperwork for you to get the loan.

Approach the right real estate agent

Most likely it will be challenging to find the right home by yourself, and it is better to find an excellent real estate agent so that you get more options for you to choose. It is always better to go with an agent for whom you got good referrals.

Start looking at houses

Most people say they get a feel when they first visit their proposed home. Don’t make any immediate decisions and keep a log of positives and negatives of each home you visited and refer to this when you finally make a decision. Take enough time, once you finalise 2-3 homes, re-visit them and make sure you see the nook and corner of each house before making the decision.

Home Inspection

It is better to inspect the house you have finalised before making an offer. Hire a professional to see if there is any structural damage to the house and if there is any part of the hose that needs fixing. Examples include; If a beautiful outdoor entertainment area is essential for you and the home you are wanting has a beautifully structured timber area, then this is when you will hire a professional to advise you whether the quality and construction of the timber frames.

Negotiate the price

Negotiate with the owner or agent to finalise the price of the house and complete the rest of the process of buying. You can negotiate on the price if you find any problem during the house inspection process.

Get the loan

Work with the bank you earlier drew paperwork with to get the loan approved

Home is yours!

After the loan is approved and you make the payment, and required paper works are done, you become the new owner of the house!