A crane is a special type of machine provided with a hoist rope; chains also called wire ropes and sheaves which are operated to lift the materials, lower them and move them horizontally. Its primary use is for lifting dense materials to carry them from one place to another. It has the capability to elevate and carry a burden beyond the strength of normal people using simple machines, creating a mechanical advantage. They are mainly employed in the transport industry for packing and unpacking goods. It is also used in the construction business for movement of different stuff and for collecting heavy equipment in the manufacturing industry.

A crane hiring Company is the one which rents a crane for their work like construction or lifting heavy material. They are completely responsible for any kind of damage or loss of the crane and any tools related to it. Generally, they take responsibility and make sure there is no wear and tear during work. In case they cause any damage to the cranes, they will have to pay for all the expenses related to its repair and servicing.

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Presently crane hiring Companies have been affected to a huge extent due to the coronavirus pandemic. As these services are not a part of the essential services until an emergency, there is a drop in this business. People working for these companies in lower posts have lost their jobs in most cases. Companies haven’t been working, and these results in no income for a long period of time. As they are not able to earn money, they are not in a condition to pay wages to their workers. The ones who earn one day at a time are most affected as they do not have money for their daily needs. Self-isolation is preventing the spread of the virus, but the economy is going down terribly. With no money left crane hiring companies are unable to hire cranes as well. This cycle keeps on repeating. The lower lifting capacity cranes will step ahead in the renting market during this time. This can be said because there is an increase in the different activities in the world like construction, repairs and maintenance. These tasks will lead to shooting up demand for cranes in the hire market.

Moreover, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is anticipated to rise and record the highest for the low weight lifting capacity section during this epidemic.

The other scenario is that construction sites like building properties and demolishing buildings are being affected. Construction works are pending and cannot be finished without the use of cranes. This directly influences real estate. Property prices have gone down by a significant amount. This will worry about sellers who can’t wait to sell for whatever reasons. Potential buyers can profit from this as properties will be economical.  However, albeit slower traction, construction has continued to progress as per government instruction to support the economy, crane hire, although slowed down, haven’t entirely ceased. And this can cause a subsequent impact on real estate and favour the sellers in the longer term.

Once this lockdown is over, and things get normal crane hiring companies will have to rebuild their business. Starting from cranes for hire with small investments, the company can grow. As many people are unemployed at the moment, the demand for jobs will increase, and companies can choose the right set of workers needed. The drawback would be the lack of experience of new workers as workers previously in the company were accustomed to the work pattern. The future of crane hiring companies is bright as the demand for this segment is proliferating.