A wood shelf is a smooth horizontal plane which is used to hold things either to be stored at home or displayed for sale. It is mounted above the ground and supported by sides of shorter length with brackets. Floating shelf is a type of shelf with hidden internal brackets. Tables which are mounted are similar to individual shelves known as console tables. A shelf can be attached to any vertical surface, suspended from the roof and also a part of a furniture material like cabinets. To make a shelf unit two to six shelves are required placed one above the other parallel to each other and perpendicularly attached to a bigger piece of wood. The best wood to use for wooden shelves is pine, plywood, cherry, koa and red oak.

Books on the wooden shelf

Making personalized wooden shelves can be simple by using the following steps. Cut the board pieces from 3/4″ plywood using a circular saw and assemble the basic box with it some wood glue and nails.

  1. Add Shelves and Backing – Fix the shelves and back to the basic box by applying wood glue and nailing.
  2. Trim and Paint – Attach the 3/4″ wood trim to all the uncovered edges using a finish nailer. Paint the wooden shelf and the floor below as desired.
  3. Install the Shelves – Find and mark the location of wall studs. Place the shelving unit on the wall by altering the level and plumb. Fasten the screws into the studs.
  4. Kitchen Shelves: Sketch Out a Design – This tiny shelving unit can be put into the kitchen cabinets. This will be the place to keep small items like keys and cell phones as it is next to the kitchen door. Take accurate measurements of the cabinet like length and height to sketch a design for the shelf.
  5. Cut Wood – Cut the oak plywood according to the measurements taken using a saw. The two flat walls of the piece will resemble in dimensions with the end panel of the kitchen cabinet. Make one of the shelves thicker than the other which will result in the unit to be correctly squared up when put together.
  6. Attach the Sides – Attach the two side panels perpendicularly by using wood glue. The narrower panel should butt up against the wider one resulting in the final structure to have the same thickness on either side.
  7. Cut Rounded Shelves – Calculate the inner width of the unit from the joining part to the edge. Taking this measurement as radius, cut a piece of plywood in a circle followed by cutting this circle into four quarter-circles. This way, we get four shelves for the unit.
  8. Install Shelves – Attach the shelves to the sides using wood, glue and nails. Also, make sure the shelves are parallel before nailing.
  9. Trim the Unit – This step can be started by cutting lengths of the iron-on oak veneer of appropriate size. Trim the veneer once it is set.
  10. Strain the Wood – Colour the wood according to your needs matching the rest of the shelf wearing gloves.
  11. Install the Shelves – Bolt the screws into the side of the unit to attach the shelves. Level and plumb the shelves before fixing them. Use screws of appropriate length for them to go into but not through the sides of the shelving unit.

A personalized wood shelf can be a stylish, colourful shelf which can be used by utilizing the space either vertically or horizontally or at the corner of the room according to one’s convenience and taste. It can also be maintained by the use of wooden furniture oil that can lead to a long-use of the furniture.