All hotel guests enjoy the comfort and luxuries that quality hotels provide. Whenever guests are browsing online to make hotel reservations, they normally search for rooms that provide modern comforts, pleasantness, and great value for their money. Normally fresh-looking and affordable hotels will attract more patronage and bookings.

How would you give your hotel an upmarket affordable look without massive renovations? Achieving this is actually easier than you think. Here are some economical ways you can utilise to give your hotel a face-lift and an affordable look that will encourage more visitors to frequent your hotel.

Change your bed linens

Most hotels often use cheap patterned linens that also appear to be synthetic and blah. You don’t have to be one of them! Every hotel guest would like their hotel rooms to be of high quality,and the first thing that visitors look at when they check your hotel profiles is your room layout and the quality of the bed linens. Hence, make sure that you impress them. Change your old patterned linens with new and solid-coloured linens – you can choose either white duvets, plush, or neutral tone. White linen is more practical for cleaning purposes and makes the room fresh and bright it makes your hotel room look more luxurious.

Guests are looking for hotel rooms that have comfortable beds and the quality of your bed linens would significantly influence their perception of comfort. You can choose linens that are made of natural fibres, such as down-feathers and cotton rather than synthetics.

This is very affordable as you wouldn’t have to break the bank, instead, it would improve your growth and profits by making more guests and visitors feel more content with their stay in your hotel.

Paint the walls with neutral tones

Most hoteliers need to update the look of their hotel walls. Before, contrasting accent walls, soft yellows, and outdated wallpaper patterns were the trending design. That has now all changed, you can give your hotel walls a better look by simply painting them with natural, neutral, or pale pastel tones.

Your guests would really value your modern expression that invites that feeling of relaxation and warmth. Give your guests something they would enjoy by painting your wall with a lighter colour palette, Visit websites like Pinterest, Houzz, and Design School for great free ideas on what professional colours are trending.

Remove old-fashioned irrelevant pictures

If your hotel is decorated with out of date, low-cost, and cluttered design concepts, then it’s time for you to get rid of them. Nowadays, hotel guests are looking for a more memorable hotel stay and crave a unique experience. Remove those old-fashioned prints & arts and replace them with impactful photos and modern arts that tell wonderful stories of your hotel, its history and the surroundings. The modern arts are not expensive but offer significant impact. Don’t forget to get original high quality art from local artists, it enhances authenticity.

Rearrange the layout of your room

Don’t continue with your out dated concepts and layouts. Changing the layout of your hotel room will go a long way in attracting the attention of travellers and guests.

In fact, changing the layout of your hotel rooms are one of the cheaper and easier ways to give your hotel a fresh and unique appearance. Changing the layout would make the room appear unique and inviting, something every modern traveller looks out for when they check your hotel profile. The interesting thing about these tips are that they are absolutely free to implement. For instance, you can try changing the position of the chairs and sofas, either alternating their positions or giving entirely new positions, remember less is more.

These four ways are really affordable and would give your hotel rooms a completely new look and feel. Give them a try and see the economic impact on your hotel turnover.