When do you know it is time to renovate your home? Are there some signs that tell you that it is time? Of course there are, sometimes there are very major and obvious structural damages that kind of force you to make the decision to renovate but sometimes there are not such glaring indications. Let us look at some of the signals that you can notice before it is too late to start to renovate that you end up paying more if the decision was made sooner.

Structural Problems: If you start to notice cracks on the ceiling or walls, it is a sign that there is some issue to the structure especially if those are on the exterior walls and are vertical. This could mean that there is some major structural issue and you might want to check it out with a structural engineer and see how soon you should think of renovating your house. Cracks on the interior walls generally indicate wear and tear but if it is on the foundation wall, you should pay more attention.

Old Fixtures: If you start to feel the fixtures in your house are requiring frequent repairs and are consuming more power, it might be wise to renovate and change these rather than keep spending on repairs. The designs, style and energy efficiency of appliances, electrical and bathroom fixtures are changing rapidly and it would be better to replace those old ones to save on energy costs and maintenance costs.

Old and Outdated Designs: Every year the style of flooring or that of walls, fixtures in the house are changing and if you have a house built ten years ago, you might start to feel them very outdated and could think of renovation then.

Surplus funds: If you have some surplus funds, what better to reenergise yourself than changing the surrounding you live in? Change the flooring, get the house repainted, change the furniture, electrical and bathroom fixtures and you will see that with the new fresh look of the house you will start to feel a new energy and excitement. Whatever you invest on your house will not go waste as a good house is considered a very good investment at any time. Any renovation done on a house will only add to the value of the house if and when you sell the house in future.

Hosting a grand function: If you are planning to host a grand function like a wedding or a big party and are expecting lots of guests at home, it is a good enough reason to get your home renovated. An upgraded kitchen makes your job much easier entertaining guests.   

Expecting a harsh winter: If you live in a place which has extreme weather changes, it might be a good idea to renovate your house for making it more energy efficient.  Summer is the best time to do renovation for you as well as the workers. Making sure that sliding doors and windows are getting shut properly is important to reduce the heating and cooling bills of your house and also to provide more comfort in the house.  

You don’t really need to have a specific reason to renovate your house. If you have the money and energy to do it, it is always energising to have a fresh look for your home. When you are renovating the house while you are improving the aesthetic appeal of the hose, make sure to target to make it energy efficient as well. This not only helps you in long term savings but also will improve the resale value of the house.