The year of 2020 marks a milestone in human adaptation due to the challenges ignited by COVID-19. It has created a new direction for many of us and resulted in huge changes taking place. Being in lockdown and realizing what is essential in our lives is the ultimate lesson.

This has dramatically impacted how we feel about our belongings and surroundings, and with many people working from home it’s impacting office interior trends. If you are considering an improvement to your home office with new lighting and home office chairs, or if you are updating your commercial office space, below we list some of the top office interior trends in 2020. Given that many staff are still at home working, now may be the ideal time to contact a commercial fitout company in Melbourne to further advise you on the project.

A balanced ambience.


Many more popular workplaces and businesses in 2020 are embracing fresh and exciting office interiors. Gone are the days for serious-looking décor. Add a bold colour, introduce bean bags, and bring in water features or garden features. This design style neutralizes and balances and interiors space. Huge successful companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple share this kind of idea-honing setup to encourage thinking out of the box. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend you hire a professional office fitout company to advise you.

World-class furniture

Deep and dark-coloured furniture not only stands out for it’s sophistication but also elegance and timeless qualities that any brand would want to be remembered for. While it can be daring to embrace bold colours, it doesn’t work for every business, and also think about what works for different job roles such as the legal department where bright positive hues may encourage versatility. Combine large dark-coloured furniture with fluffy rugs, chairs with back support, natural lighting and glass windows, then watch how its mystery unfolds comfort, durability, and trust all in one go.

Personal touch.

All office spaces will, one way or another, be catering to clients old and new, where meetings, conferences, and negotiations take place. Sprinkling your office space with some personal touches certainly proves that one of the values your business strives for is work-life balance. Reflect on what your brand is all about. Speak about your mission and vision through your décor. Allowing staff members to have picture frames on their work table is proven to help with focus, dedication, and willingness to go to work. 

Have a technical advantage.

One essential commodity that kept most businesses afloat during this time of coronavirus was the internet. It made communication possible while people had to work from home. It is essential that any update you do to your office interior is designed to cater to the technology requirements of your business. Team presentations may require conference rooms, and with others who permanently work from home now they will need to be able to easily dial in. Standard in 2020 is also wireless connection, as staff are commonly required to use multiple devices all related to their work. All desks and common areas should have built-in chargers and USB ports to benefit everybody. If relevant to your business technology that supports ease in clocking in and out, ordering food from the canteen via touch-screen kiosks, and automatic temperature sensors for preventive measures for future pandemic protection are good examples of additional high-tech facilities that you should include in your office.

Dynamic setup.

Social distancing has been observed for almost half a year in some cities, and it will take time for these rules to ease. For safety, security, and efficiency of your workspace, embrace having shielded cubicles. While it may defy connectivity, accessibility, and collaboration, glass panels and dividers may take effect. ZOOM meetings, video calls, and online conferences have regularly been practised. Though it may be challenging, protection such as these seems to be the only intervention to somehow put a stop to the movement of COVID-19 infection. If you feel negative about this requirement, you may redesign it to be more of a changeable room where tables may be folded and seats could be stacked on the side for easy cleanup and sanitation. Creating flexible options in the office may help both your hygiene and design goals.

COVID-19 has certainly forced people to embrace things out of the norm. At a basic level, when your staff return to work you’ll need to check their temperature before being allowed to go to the office building, wearing masks, and observing social distancing are turning the page to becoming the new normal.